Delivery Terms

Shipping Policy

We Strive to Deliver our products ordered through our website in excellent condition wrapped up in the Best and Secure pack.

Delivery in Chennai and Bangalore – 2 days
Delivery within TamilNadu: 3 days
All Over India delivery 5 – 7 days excluding week ends

Delivery time period mentioned are excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Worried about buying food online?

Just don’t be. The products that we offer is made to last for at least a week after you receive. The traditional delicacy was made and consumed even decades before refrigeration entered the Indian sub-continent.

All of our authentic products are safe and good to eat only because of its unique ingredients and the traditional cooking formula and method which is followed. Packing the products in the best possible way is our topmost priority.

Are you curious to know what packing materials we use?

We use recommended and healthy packaging materials to pack the products in order to ensure that you get it in the best consumable condition. A dense plastic box that is unbreakable, a tough carton sleeve and then a gum packed courier cover. All materials used are as per the guidelines of the food regulatory authorities of Tamil Nadu.

Want to know how we pack our products?

We know that the packing has to be safe and secure and hence our packaging team follows a process and double checks the package before it leaves for delivery.

Step 1: The products are first weighed and packed in 3 layers securely so that there is no spillage.

Step 2: This sealed package is then placed into a dense airtight plastic box. This is an unbreakable box.

Step 3: We place this box in a sturdy cardboard/carton sleeve to give the box protection from squeezing.

Step 4: This is then put in a box which will have your address printed and stuck on it.

Only now is the products are ready to be sent from!

What if you receive product broken or later than 7 days ?

We strive to deliver products at their best conditions at your hand. But just to make you confident we say this, if you receive the product in a broken stage or after 7 days shipment time we offer you either refund or we will send the products again on your choice. So no panic and no need to worry just order the product and relax yourself we take the owneship of delivering the product at your hands in their best condition and quality.

Refund Policy

  • If the product reached you in bad shape and later than 7 days in shipment your product cost will be refunded in 14 days or we will send you another package within 7 days from the complaint date.
  • If we are unable to deliver because of wrong address, receiver unavailability then the responsibility will be on the receiver side


  • Once the product is shipped we will share the tracking number to the receiver and you can track the package on yourself
  • In case of remote places courier people might call you to come and collect the package so expect this. But if you prefer any specific courier who can deliver it at your door steps please mention it in the comments while ordering we will send it through the courier that you suggested.
  • If the product is out of the packing when you receive please send us a picture and do not consume it. We will send you another package.
  • Because of varied climate conditions and the way it is handled during shipping there is a chance that product may become bad when you are receiving. In such case please do not consume the product and send us a communication we will refund you for the product and send you another package. There is very less chances of this happening but still we would like to keep you educated.
  • Cancellation

  • Any of the order placed with will be subject to cancellation before shipping. Any cancellation request should reach us before the shipping of the products. This will not apply to custom packaged products that are packed specially for a customer. In such cases cancellation will not be entertained. If the order was cancelled before shipment the refund will be 100%. Any refund request will get processed with in a day of accepting the cancellation policy.